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The organization study undertaken as a part of the curriculum was done at “The Kerala Kerakarshaka Sahakarna Federation Ltd”, (KERAFED). This study provides an opportunity to expose the students to an industry / organization and its operational conditions. This study also aims at having a better understanding of various departments and its functioning. This report consists of a detailed study of the history of the company, product profile, organizational hierarchy, various departments and their functioning etc. This study proved to be fruitful by familiarizing us to the organization and at the same time it also helped us to create practical awareness.

Kerala Kerakarshaka Sahakarna Federation
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The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present.
Primary Data 1. Formal interview with Managers and Department Heads. 2. Staffs 3. Workers.
Secondary Data 1. Annual Report 2. Company Magazines. 3. Internet. 4. News Paper etc.

1.8. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY * The company records which are of confidential nature were not provided. * Many of their financial audits are yet to be published and this limited the collection of data. * Since a face to face interview was conducted, there is a chance of biasing. * The busy schedule of the departmental heads restricted collection of detailed information. * Time and source were a limiting factor. * Money constraints are also a limiting factor.

Period of Study The study was conducted from 14th August 2012 to 14th September 2012.



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