Keratoconus Research Paper

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Keratoconus Keratoconus is a bilateral, non-inflammatory thinning of the cornea with the onset during adulthood.2 It primarily results in visual loss due to the irregular astigmatism.2 The etiology can be environmental due to eye rubbing, contact lens wear, and allergic eye disease.2 Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause oxidative damage to the corneas leading to a decrease in certain enzymes.4 Therefore, there is a higher prevalence of keratoconus in countries that have hot and sunny weather.4 A common theory in the pathogenesis of keratoconus is the release of proteolytic enzymes by the abnormal epithelium causing the cornea to weaken and thin by the degradation of the stroma.2 This stromal thinning is caused by the reduction of the number…show more content…
Soft lenses are useful during the early stages and can be worn simultaneously with glasses.6 They are indicated for patients who have high myopia and are intolerant to rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP).6 RGP lenses lie on the apex of the cone so they must have peripheral curves.6 These lenses can be used in the early stages but are difficult to fit during the advanced…show more content…
5 In conclusion, keratoconus is a common ecstatic disorder of the eye. It occurs to a vast majority of the population around the world. Diagnosing and treating this disease is simple when seen by the proper clinician. Developments in genome technology will help further the understanding of the pathological and genetic causes of
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