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Kermit and Cognition Dwayne White American InterContinental University Online Abstract Cognitive Information Processing (CIP), Cognitive Development and Interactional Development are theories of learning based upon the idea that learning is an internal process rather than merely something that can be observed like behaviorism. Here I examine the three theories as they relate to a scenario of a young man attempting to learn to play a keyboard. The objective is to show the similarities and differences in the three theories and how each can be applied to a given situation. As Kermit is an adult, some of the more specific elements may or may not apply and each theory has gaps in it that make it incomplete of itself. Yet, each also…show more content…
In the scenario of Kermit and the Keyboard, CIP explains how Kermit goes about the process of learning to play a song. He has already acquired the ability to read music and so now even though he may have never seen a particular piece of music before, he understands the symbols of written music and can incorporate them and create an appropriate response by striking the appropriate key. Varying elements of the song require Kermit to access his encoding and decoding abilities, which enable him to play in different keys or different moods. This is an example of how CIP requires the creation of a cognitive map which allows information gained in one setting to be applied to another, unfamiliar one (Driscoll, 2005). Piagetian Theory While CIP explains some of the processes the information goes through in order to create learning, Piagetian theory is more relevant to the processes that the learner goes through. Kermit is an adult and so is presumably at what Piaget terms the formal operational stage (Piaget, 1950). This is the final stage of cognition for Piaget and as such there is little to offer specifically to Kermit’s case. However if Kermit had been a child, he would have first progressed through the sensorimotor stage in which he learns the physical feel of the keyboard and the placement of his

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