Kermit and the Keyboard

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The Learning Processes of Kermit

As I read the story of “Kermit and the Keyboard” I began to think of the learning processes that he engages himself in as he tries to accomplish learning task as it relates to playing the keyboard. In this story three cognitive theories can be recognized, analyzed and they are all believed to produce different learning outcomes. These three theories are the Cognitive Information-Processing Theory, The Piaget’s Theory of Development as it relates to learning and lastly, The Interactional Theories of Cognitive Development. Each one of these theories presents itself in the manner in which Kermit develops a strategy for learning how to play the keyboard.
In the cognitive information-processing approach
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In Kermit’s process of learning he was able to process information and stores it in his memory. He uses the processes of attention, pattern recognition, encoding, chunking, rehearsal and retrieval to initiate his learning processes and obtain new knowledge. According to Piaget’s point of view, Kermit’s learning outcome and the process of learning has no bearing on his theory. This is due to the fact that Kermit is an adult and has reached the formal operational stage of development. With this in mind, the 4 stages that focus on the processes of assimilation, accommodation and equilibrium in the development of the cognitive structuring process is not in the process of development in learning how to play the keyboard. However, there are some insights that can be attributed to this learning style. The type of knowledge is a point that we can certainly consider as it relates to Piaget’s theory of learning. Physical knowledge is one type of knowledge that can be focused upon and this would include the actual touch of the keys when playing the keyboard, the amount of force that would need to be exerted on the keys to produce a sound and what sound the keys make as it relates to what functions they are under when producing a sound. Piaget believes that this knowledge is gained through doing; therefore, Kermit had to experiment with the keyboard in order to meet this concept of knowledge attainment according to the theory of Piaget. And as the
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