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Kerr Deliveries Assignment BSBRES401A— Analyse and present research information Prepared and Submitted by Md. Faruk Hossain 1211736 Tutor: Mr. Kulwant Singh Executive summary In this case study “Kerr Deliveries” is a service oriented organization. They are doing courier service. The purpose of this case study is to solve the problem as an IT expert. Without information technology it is really difficult to develop the business. This modern era is about globalization. Company should adopt different system for their business to stay safe in the right track. Robert Kerr is a successful delivery company based on NSW since 1995. I am working as his assistant. In this report i will recommend which computer to buy for the…show more content…
(Question 2) Communication of the association for information system: Every organization should implement information system to operate their business activities. This article describes how a punctuated process model can analyse a specific information system development (ISD). They also focus on information system project which was implemented in a UK retail small medium sized enterprise (SME). A new technology was being applied instead of previous one. Basically information system method can give us a new realistic and valuable way to realize ISD as a social process. By using information system development, RTD can communicate through organizational work as well as information system building process within the organization. Eventually this change in existing organizational routines can play positive impact on RTD. (Question 3) Organizational information system competence in SME: Small medium sized enterprise can play vital role in the global economy. In every SME, they need information system to enhance their business activities. There are some associates with business advantages, Information system planning, acquiring IS knowledge and describing its requirements, software and hardware sourcing, develop the application and tools and finally maintain the relationship between IS and suppliers. There are various new frameworks which can help RTD to develop their operational activities. Macro-competence

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