Kerri Strengthsquest: A Self Analysis

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I don't usually like reading unless it is in an area that I have an interest in but wow, StrengthsQuest was very inspiring and motivational. I loved the stories of Kerri Strug and her determination to win the gold in the 1996 Olympic games, and the story of teacher Angel Alcoser, and how she found children's talents and gave them encouragement to work on their strengths(Clfton, Anderson, Schreiner, 2006,pp.1-11). In taking the StrengthsFinder Survey, I discovered pretty much what I already knew about myself and my themes where Futuristic, Ideation, Significance, Individualization, and Achiever. I'm not surprised that Futuristic was first on my list as I have used this for years picking winning stocks on Wall Street. I have had the insight to

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