Kerrie Case

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Kerrie is a GM of a large organization with a company that primarily deals with financial services. Kerrie is known for having a record of accomplishment for expanding the business exponentially, but she is faced with a challenge. The challenge consists of an unpopular cost reduction initiative.

The beginning of her case, she wanted to use an approach that she thought would be successful. Therefore, she decided to try the team-player approach. What would this do? This would enable them to develop and select a variety of strategies to reach twenty percent cost reduction goal (Lester & Parnell, 2006). She had an effective team, but she also knows that there is challenges to overcome. She is well aware the challenges that are to come, such as, ones that will directly affect her employees. Due to this, she consulted her HR manager to come up with another strategy in developing another change plan.
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One of the teams that were formed was a redesign team. The resign team were expected to work the recommendations. Although, they looked for assistance from another team known as the senior management team. This team assisted with resistance and anger that was experienced within another team, the account management team. Organizations also have competition and competitive benchmarks. “Benchmarking, the planned, deliberate process of seeking out and targeting competitive continuous improvement by emulating industry’s “best practices,” has swept its way into today’s business planning strategy” (Hansen, 2006, p.
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