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To Make Right Things Happen in Appropriate Time In the article On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping for B, the author Steven Kerr represents his theory about the Fouled Ups Systems. In another word, we rewarding the individuals while hoping for collaboration. The essential point of high-efficient employee execution is about doing the right thing in the appropriate time. To get the most from the employee, we do need to develop the right reward system. Furthermore, Kerr states the causes of the folly rewarding system that has been widely and commonly applied in the business and public field. Based on his experiences, the author reveals the examples of the explanation of why the fouled-up system seems to be so prevalent, basically is…show more content…
Obviously the high salary attracts numerous outstanding talents to join the company. The direct impact is to highly irritate the employees’ motivation. Besides, the employee stock ownership system has fundamentally changed the relationship between employers and employees from the simple employment relationship to collaboration. The change enhances the belonging of employees to the company and ensures the excellent communication, which helps employees understand how they can support the employers. Subsequently, Huawei provides varieties of rewards and honors. Base on the complete performance management system, the employees who make progress can be rewarded after fair reviews and appraisal, which help inspire their mobility and creativity. Speaking about those demand levels of knowledge employees, they begin to value some noneconomic reward more and more while they are going for economic reward, In this case, the respect and commitment of the organization. For those employees, Huawei shows fully empower and delegates them the responsibilities. Instead of overemphasizing on the position, the executive value the contribution more. As a result, the system has maximized the efficiency. Succeeding, Huawei provides the career planning for the employees including the professional training and continual education. The purpose is to lead the employees to growth and better development. Furthermore, the company has ensured the employee benefit in a good way. They built a
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