Ketogenics:. Look Better By Improving Your Fat Burning

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If you are not totally au fait with what the ketogenic diet is, how it works and what you can and can’t eat, you’ve come to the right place. By the end of this book you will be rushing out of the door, heading to the grocery store to stock up on delicious and previously forbidden ingredients. You must be wondering how you can possibly lose weight by eating fat; I will tell you how. I will tell you what foods to buy and what you most definitely should avoid and I will give you some tips on exercise and calories as well as explaining exactly how the ketogenic diet can help you to look slim again and feel great. Chapter 1: The Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis A ketogenic diet is better known as a low carbohydrate diet, a diet that prompts the liver to produce ketones that are then, in turn, burned off as energy. So how does this work? When you eat a high-carbohydrate food, such as bread or potato, it breaks down in the body into glucose. This is better known as blood sugar and it is the easiest molecule for converting to energy; this is the primary energy source of your body. Insulin is produced by the body to process this glucose and transport it around the body. Because the glucose is the primary energy source, the fat in your diet is not needed for energy and is sent to storage. Most of the fat and any excess glucose is stored in fat cells around your major organs and this is what

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