Keturah And Lord Death Analysis

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The topic that we have chosen was death.
The book that I have picked is called Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt. This novel is a supernatural/fairy tale-ish book that involves love and death. In this book, Keturah, a 16 year old female, follows a hart into the forest behind her house. She gets lost in this forest for a few days and when she was starving and thirsty a man on a horse comes up to her and tells her that her time is up and that she’ll become Lord Death’s wife. Keturah being the person she is asks if she could stay alive and take care of her grandmother. Death responds that she could say a name and that person will die instead of her. But Keturah doesn’t want anyone to die so she tells him a story about love. In this
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A couple quotes from people who said they felt nothing; “Overdosed on heroine, EMT’s said my heart stopped. Didn’t see anything, just like sleeping with no dreams.” and “Pure,perfect, uninterrupted sleep,no dreams.”. A quote from someone who felt like they could see what was happening while dead; , “I do remember a little bit of the ambulance ride, but not from my own body. It was seriously the strangest thing I have ever experienced. It could have been a dream, but I saw my own unconscious body completely flatlined in the ambulance. I remember the EMT who was in the ambulance with me (whom I did not see before I passed out)”. And here is a quote from someone who had an interaction; "I was standing somewhere. There was a fog all around me, and I saw my best friend (who at the time I'd been fighting with and he'd stopped talking to me) come out of the mist. He told me that I couldn't go yet, that I have to keep trying, and if I promised not to give up, he'd see me back on Earth. I wordlessly agreed, and I was instantly pushed (into?) my body.".
From a christian (religious) POV (Point of View), they believe that the righteous go to heaven if they have not sinned and they go to hell. But in the bible it says “For the Lord
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