Keurig At Home Case Study

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Sonam Mhaskar
New Product Development
Keurig at Home Case Study
Keurig Inc has been founded on an amazing idea that coffee making systems that uses individual portion packs of freshly roasted and ground coffee with unique coffee maker designed to brew perfect cup of coffee at a time. At that time there are already established gourmet coffee houses like Starbucks, which is making coffee consumers to spend more money with an average of $ 1.50 or more for a cup of gourmet coffee. This change is consumer behavior created opportunity to Keurig to offer gourmet coffees by a single-cup in offices in 1998. Within a span of four years (1996-2000), Keurig have noticed sales increased by 40% in US at home coffee market. With these facts Keurig´s management got convinced, to develop an at home one-cup coffee brewer especially for gourmet coffee lovers.
Keurig´s started approaching venture capital for funds to make their concept to a reality of single cup brewing system and their first target was coffee service market, the B2000 which was launched in 1998.
Keurig changed its owner structure in 2002. They made agreements with two of its roasters partners that are Van Houtte and GMCR, both acquired 70% stake in the company. Keurig’s single portion system is dependent entirely on the three key elements. a coffee brewer that perfectly controlled the amount, temperature and pressure of water to provide a consistency superior tasting cup of coffee. Crucial differentiation for
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