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Case Study – Case 6-7: Keurig, Inc. Toni Mardry MKT/575 April 29, 2012 Matt Mardoon * * Introduction Keurig, Inc. was founded on “excellence”, which is the Dutch meaning of its name, and the innovative principle of allowing consumers to be able to make a single excellent cup of coffee whenever they wanted it at home or work with their K-cup single cup brewing system. The Keurig system was such a hit in offices that the company knew the next step was to position themselves to sell units to individuals for use in their homes. At home coffee brewers were always faced with two things loose coffee grounds to clean up and coffee that never quite tasted right. The Keurig system would eliminate both of those issues for the…show more content…
The system allows consumers to buy a variety of coffee and make a cup of coffee that has the quality like the one you would buy in a gourmet coffee house for upwards of $3 to $5. Based on the surveys and focus groups that had been conducted people were looking for convenience, minimal clean-up, and great taste. Keurig made its decision to promote the system based on those factors and with units succeeding in local businesses now was the time to strike, while the “iron is hot”, a large percentage of survey takers said they would gladly buy the units that were proposed based on the information they were given. Pricing strategies The successful market of Starbucks and other successful coffee houses has made it okay to spend $1.50 or more for a good quality coffee and even more for specialty drinks. Considering the trend in successful coffee houses and the cost of the drinks, it opened the door for Keurig to produce high quality low maintenance units for the home and office. Keurig conducted multiple market research polls to reach its price points, ensuring that once units are released they are something that customers will buy without hesitation. Price points were anywhere in the range of $199 to $299 (Cravens &
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