Kevin Bobo

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Hemispheres, by Kevin Bobo, is a piece written for percussion quintet which, as the title implies, draws from several different cultures’ music. It borrows from the music of Indonesia, India, Cuba, Spain, Japan, and parts of West Africa. In my preparation of this piece, learned quite a bit of the influence that gamelan had on Bobo’s writing of this work. Focusing on the Indonesian-inspired section of this work, Bobo chooses an instrumentation of western percussion instruments that he thinks most exemplifies a traditional gamelan ensemble. He also composed a melody and accompaniment that created an atmosphere and feeling similar to that of Indonesian gamelan. With the goal of having each section connect to one another with a common theme while still having each represent a different are of the world, Kevin Bobo wrote a piece that makes “world music” more accessible to the average listener. Indonesian gamelan is performed with more than just a purpose of entertainment. It is a communal activity and is made up of a large orchestra of…show more content…
Gamelan has a lot of defining facets that make it unique from many other genres of global music. It has spiritual and religious implications and is also played in many state and government ceremonies. Gamelan has become a very large part of Indonesian culture and has even been presented as a gift to the government on occasion. Being that many can participate at once, gamelan connects its players to each other through their shared musical experience. With the tuning creating a shimmering effect, the music is very alive and even has a sense of breathing amongst the instruments. Bobo implemented several of these factors into a section of his own piece and, by doing so, he has made it more accessible and easier to play gamelan in a traditional western
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