Kevin Everon Cinema

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Black people have played an important role in American history and made great contributions to the development on economy and culture of the U.S. This week watching Kevin Everson’s series short films, I have a deeper understanding of ethnography cinema distinguished from documentary. His film focusing on the subject matter of African American, transfers their ordinary life into a sublimation of nationality. He uses found footage in According To and Something Else to practice its ethnographic interaction between image and audiences. The language of Everson’s camera consists of pure cinema since his film is made without gorgeous modification nor dazzling techniques. He sincerely shows audiences the neglected histories of…show more content…
Everson showing found footage in nowadays draws back audience attention to the crisis issue of African American. The angle of the camera is normal, but the subjective shot focusing on Miss Black Roanoke talking is valuable. The camera is static, fully framing on the reaction of the lady. The position of two people exposes their social status. The standing White reporter is higher than the sitting Black lady. The only dynamic movement in the still shot is the lady’s facial expression and head movement. The word “Proud” she said in the interview is contrast with her reaction. She lowering her head serval times and shifting her eyes around exposes that she lacks of self-confidence as an African American. As she said, “Black contestants do not have a prayer of winning in regular pageants. Only segregated contests offer black women a chance of feeling up.” The fund footage shows the audiences the direct point of view of that the African American is still struggling in the history and contemporary life. Some might be ignored that can find from the film that the equal rights are not completely gain by the Black. They are living in the barriers of
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