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Kevin Perea 4/23/17 SYG2340 Prof bemmal Sexual Partners Throughout life many of us have our own views on what we believe is right, it is more or less based on the way we were raised and our morals and beliefs. Once we hit puberty and start learning about sex, many of us get curious and begin to experiment in sexual activity. We are influenced by many things in media like movies, shows and songs, almost forcing us to believe that sex is the greatest thing in the entire world. Abstinence is a moral that is almost completely abolished in this modern age. People who do practice abstinence are most likely judged and taken as sexually impotent or prude. This topic brings controversy to many people and religious beliefs because many…show more content…
One thing that is common on morals is those regarding to gender, usually men and women have different morals regarding to sex. I believe everyone has their own set of morals, especially regarding to sex because it is such a personal subject. Studies show that men typically have more sexual partners than women. In today 's society, men who have multiple sexual relationships are looked up to or "praised". Women on the other hand, are shamed for having too many sexual partners because society views them as having little to no morals. Men and women tend to lie about their previous relationships in order to protect their current ones. Men including myself have a tendency to over exaggerate these numbers while women under exaggerate. Many double standards come into play regarding this topic because many of these standards are mostly sided with men making them seem unfair to some women. There are also many theories that involve sex such as the sexual compatibility theory and the sexual restraint theory. These theories both have opposing views, the compatibility theory states that during the couple formation process it enables partners to evaluate their sexual similarity to see if they are sexually compatible. While on the contrary, the restraint theory holds that sexual involvement during particularly in the early stages would be inconvenient to general relationship advancement. At first I would have agreed that the

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