Kevin Rudd

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On Wednesday, 13 February 2008, the Federal Parliament of Australia was filled with hundred of parliamentarians and the representatives of the Indigenous community. The 26th Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Michael Rudd who is an English - Irish man, astonishing and surprising the whole of Australian citizens by delivering a speech entitled ‘Sorry’. He received a standing ovation as he entered the hall before he delivered his remarkable speech. His speech is an official apology on behalf of the Australian government to the Aboriginals, but in particular it is directed to the stolen generation.

Between the year of 1910 and 1970, over 100.000 children were forcibly taken from their Aboriginal parents. They were either raised in
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According to Stiff (1994), listeners will have confidence in you and your words if they think you care about their welfare, and have a good character. Another persuasive speaking that applied to the speech is Pathos. Pathos is an emotion of sympathetic pity and how you evoking emotions to your audience. (Dlugan, 2010) In the speech, it is obvious to see that Rudd was emotionally touched and sad about the tragedy that happened in the past. By seeing the fact, it was the real life example; it does bring him emotionally into the situation. ‘ To the stolen generations, I say the following: as Prime Minister of Australia, I am sorry. On behalf of the government of Australia, I am Sorry (Rudd, 2008). According to Cockroft&Cockroft (2005, p.182), repetition is the major resource of schematic rhetoric and it is the spontaneous expression of emotion. In the speech, Rudd often mentioned the word ‘ Sorry ‘ and ‘ Future ‘. Repetition is an effective technique that Rudd used during the speech. It is used successfully to maintain the situation and grabbing the attention of audience. Speaking as a third person, the word ‘ We are sorry ‘ that been repeated by Rudd during the speech are not referring only to the speakers but also to the nation.

On my point of view, I agree on how Rudd has taken the right choice and I was also fascinated by his courage to apologize to the public for the better future of his citizens. However, I did search about the stolen generation and
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