Kevlar Leather Jacket Pros And Cons

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Introduction -

In the decades since I first climbed on top of a motorcycle, I have seen a lot of changes. Riding partners have come and gone, laws have evolved, and the public’s perception of bikers has, thankfully, improved. The biking community is in a state of perpetual change, just like the world around it, but one thing remains constant: leather jackets. Both stylish and secure, leather has been relied upon by bikers throughout history to keep them safe from the elements and protect them during falls and crashes.

The leather jacket is as synonymous with motorcycles as two wheels and an engine, but an increasing number of bikers are leaving behind their leather jackets in favor of alternatives of a different material, such as mesh or Kevlar. Some readers may be unfamiliar with the latter, which hasn’t received as much publicity as some other protective materials, but if Kevlar motorcycle jackets can gain global attention, it is quite possible they can dethrone their leather opponents.

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Leather jackets tend to offer very poor ventilation, even when they are fitted with mesh vents. If you live in a cold climate, this likely won't be a problem, but those who attempt to ride in a leather motorcycle jacket during warmer months will be putting themselves at risk of heat stroke.

Cruel -

As the world becomes increasingly more mindful, the cruelty associated with leather jackets becomes a bigger and bigger problem. Leather, as most of us know but do our best to ignore, is made from the skin of animals, most commonly cows. Killing animals for the sake of clothing is, admittedly, pretty horrendous, and many animal loving bikers have moved on to textile motorcycle jackets while actively campaigning against leather protective equipment.

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