Key Advantages Of The Keyence Vhx 6000

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Key Advantages of the Keyence VHX-6000: • Advanced Focusing • Accurate Dimensional Measurements • Contamination Analysis in line with ISO 16232 Standards • 3D Display and Measurement The Keyence VHX-6000 microscope has been found to have many of the key aspects needed to analyse and quantify sub-surface defects on samples taken from the GKN traveller specimen. It has many advanced capabilities that lead it to producing sample images of exceptional quality. A key requirement in this task was to be able to take images of the complete entire surface of a sample as one. The VHX-6000 uses an image stitching algorithm, combined with a motorised stage to provide the user with an overall high resolution (20,000 x 20,000 pixels) image of the…show more content…
A Pixel shift method allows for high resolution imaging, and by specifying the measurement point on a high-resolution image, the measurement is taken at an increased accuracy. This along-side the automatic edge detection function, reduces measurement discrepancies between users. Along with the ability to make accurate measurements quickly, the VHX-6000 allows for clean and contamination analysis in line with ISO-16232 Standards . The sample surface image is divided into multiple regions and these regions are analysed individually, which allows for large areas to be contamination analysed. If using a high-resolution microscope lens with a large depth of field, highly precise measurements of samples can be taken down to 1m. This allows for calculations such as porosity areas, volume fraction of defects etc. If a sample surface has height variations a fully focused image can be obtained instantaneously by bringing together images taken over a range of focal planes. This focal position data can then be used to produce a three-dimensional model. The VHX-6000 can create a three-dimensional image, by using a depth from defocus method by calculating height and analysing extremely small changes in texture. Even within areas of low contrast or under and over saturated pixels can be accurately calculated unlike when imaged using conventional microscope methods such

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