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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Have you ever been in a shop or workplace that was affected by sexual assault? Well, today we’re going to talk about sexual assault and why it’s a personal issue and why it’s imperative that we trust each other. We’re also going to take a look at what we do right to help eliminate the problem of sexual assault such as mentorship and accountability. Finally, we will attempt to define the actions we can take to eliminate sexual assault in the Air Force, like getting rid of victim retaliation and getting personal buy-in from everyone. I hope that you can take some of these ideas with you today, and pray that you’ll never have to use them. What is personal about sexual assault and why is it imperative…show more content…
It brings people together to help tackle problems that may seem too big for one person alone. It is accountability, too, that we have that works. Everyone is accountable to something or someone and we are relying on our higher standards and morals to fortify the trust in each other. Mentorship and accountability are getting us on the right track. But what more can we do to eliminate the sexual assault problem we face? Some actions we can take to further our goal of eliminating sexual assault are to get rid of perceived retaliation against victims that come forward and get buy-in from everyone. We have to remove the environments that treat an individual as an outsider because they came forward or because something terrible happened to them. They need to be able to trust that we will support them. With that comes the commitment needed from every member of that unit. We need to get them to internalize that we support the victims of this crime and will not ostracize them for something that is beyond their control. That’s how buy-in will help. If victims know they will have full support, they will be far more likely to come forward. Two things we can do to go further with getting rid of sexual assault are to remove perceived retaliation and have buy-in from everyone. So let’s tie it all together. We talked about sexual assault and it being a personal issue. We spent some time on why it’s important we trust each

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