Key Areas Of The Australian Identity

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This report explores 4 key areas of the Australian Identity which includes, Traditional values and how sport affects the nation and how the passion of teams brings happiness. Stereotypes expressing that not all Australian appearances are bogans or tanned beach boys and that not the whole of Australia is covered by deserts. Diversity and Change explores how religion and culture affects the nation and how Australia has become a multiculturalist nation and supporting many religions and races but also shows how not everyone gets along with these agreements and decisions for cultures. Finally, Contradictions of how Australia really is and how the people within Australia create typecasts of how everyone acts and does in Australia.

1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to find and explain the role of Traditional Values, Stereotypes, Contradictions and Diversity and how it impacts the Australian Identity. The report explains how sport impacts traditional values and what it means to the community, Stereotypes of how Australians really look but are stereotyped by others about their appearance, how religion has affected Australia and brings diverse cultures and recs into Australian creating change and finally contradictions where Australians have been contradicted to norms and express tourists to visit the desert rather the cities and contradicting itself to say our cities are boring.

2. Traditional Values
2.1 Sport
“Thousands across Australia gather before
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