Key Aspects Of Effective Communication

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These skills are vital in order to facilitate effective communication strategies in a wide range of professional settings. I recently had the opportunity to discuss the use of communication skills and how it is reflected in specific practise with a sessional academic. The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflective analysis of the interview and a review of recent research in order to determine suitable strategies which will assist in my communication in the future as a researcher. The 4Rs of Reflection: Reporting and responding to the interview The interview was conducted with a sessional academic of four years who’s interests lie in hamstring injury and rehabilitation, and is a tutor in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Queensland University of Technology. Throughout the interview, we discussed some key aspects to effective communication, which are required when delivering course content and research. These key aspects include: communication, which is both dynamic and multi modal, and rapport building. In order to facilitate the development of successful workplace relationships and appropriate student care, a major theme derived from the interview was the way and the image you portray through communication, influences the relationship, involvement and communication from the other in a teaching setting. It was interesting to discuss while the underlying principles of communication are the same between discourses, there is also a big difference. The
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