Key Aspects Of Knowledge Gained From The Text That Impacted Me

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1. Foundational Knowledge
The key aspects of knowledge gained from the text that impacted me the most was the concept of sustaining and disruptive innovation and the development and proper use of emergent and sustaining processes. Because my current career role involves me in designing technical product solutions for Wawa, I have had several instances in which I question the strategy and direction of the actions taken for a few major projects. For example, in a marketing initiative to launch a consumer mobile application, the initial approach was one of a disruptive innovation. The company created a separate team with a cross-section of resources from within the company as an attempt to build the solution (i.e. a Heavyweight Team) (Christensen 196). However, they did not clearly determine if the application was a sustaining or disruptive initiative for the business. Other competitors were already using their mobile platform in a similar way and were already well established in the market (41). However, because the company had not done this for their customer base and had hopes to develop a new channel of customers, there were some that viewed it as an innovative initiative. In reality, because the service would not be competing again nonconsummation and there were others doing the same thing, this was a sustaining technology effort.
Another key learning was in understanding the transition between the development of emergent processes and sustaining process and when
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