Key Aspects Of The Canadian Health Care System

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Sawa Tayeb
Health management: Overcrowded Hospitals
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Key aspects of the Canadian health care system
Canada is known for its universal health care system. Health care services across Canada are financed by the government and follows the guidelines of the Canada Health Act (1984) Which states: “ to protect, promote, and restore the physical and mental well being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers”. The Canada health act includes medically necessary hospital diagnostic and access to a physician. Further more portability between provinces is also included in the act. The provinces and territories in Canada are responsible for the organization and the delivery of health care services to the public, while the federal government provides the financial assistance for provinces and territory to facilitate adequate health care services. The delivery of health care services are primarily based on private services, non profit organizations and profit organizations. (CITE) The Healthcare system affects every individual within our society regardless of their, age , gender, socioeconomic status, or culture, they all rely on what has been provided for them. The Canadian health care system is widely accepted by the public, and Canada is one of the top ranking countries in terms…

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