Key Barriers For The New Start Up Companies

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Table of Contents Abstract 2 Literature Review 3 Barriers: 3 Acquisition of Basic Resources: 3 Integrated Financial Projections: 4 Critical Analysis 5 Barriers for start-up ventures: 5 Types of Barriers: 5 Barriers for Global Touch UK Private Limited: 5 Acquisition of Basic Resources for Start-ups: 6 Acquisition of Basic Resources by Global Touch UK Private Limited: 6 Importance of Integrated Financial Projections: 7 Integrated Financial Projections of Global Touch UK Private Limited: 8 Conclusion 9 References 10 Appendix 12 Appendix (A): 12 Abstract This report is describing the importance of getting ready to tackle different barriers for the new start-up companies. Every industry has several barriers but the most vital barrier is the conception and decision power of the company owner. A new start-up initially depends on the hard work, motivation and capabilities of the workers that can grow the new start-up company into a mature company with their efforts and skills. Good teams and the coordination of manager, owner or the leader is the important approach to grab a new venture towards maturity. Hence, the author of this report has also described the significance of the acquisition of the basic resources. Basic resources for a new start-up entrepreneur are the capital and the individuals related to its success and growth or lose and decline. Capital is required to be invested for a company to be established and then the responsibility goes to the owner, manager or the
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