Key Business Challenges Of Cambodia Essay

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3.2 Key Business Challenges in Cambodia Major challenges faced country is commonly attributed to private sector, corruption index and weak ruling and laws. High cost of energy, poor infrastructure, low standard of living, malnutrition, low value to human life, freedom rights issues, land disputes, low freedom from expression and so many other issues which cannot be solved by economic reforms and monetary fiscal policies also won’t help much to improve economic environment for business. External Factors (Political): International corruption and transparency index: 160/177 Global Peace Index: 91/121 Stringency of environmental regulations: 96 Political uncertainty is prevalent after disputed national elections held in July two years ago (2013). It is then followed by a parliamentary boycott by the opposition party. The two parties have held time to time periodic negotiations to solve the issue after the elections but, as of June 2014, but no action thereafter. Country which witnessed high corruption which is reflected in respective index and rank on the take and had a negative impact on Commercial, Business and Financial factors of Cambodia. After government realized importance of these factors there has been some gradual improvement thereafter. Bribery and no transportation fatalities increases the cost of doing business in country. This has corrosive impact on international market seeking business in country. Financial Institutions: Capital market
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