Key Challenges Of Syrian State

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Over the past 5 years we have seen Syria join the failed states index at a current position of 9th fragile state in the world. The Civil war that has been ripping Syria apart from the inside has been disastrous to both the people and the state. The government’s state capacity is almost non-existent as show by the fact that they have been unable to stop a civil war within their country. Poverty and employment is now rampant, the education system has collapsed and a large portion of those who havnt already fled the country have been displaced from their homes. The Death toll is still rising and their economy as failing. Syria is not in a stable position. This essay seeks to discuss some of the key challenges the Syrian state is facing and how they are attempting to rebuild their state capacity.

Capacity is vital for a successful state to have. Simply, Capacity is defined as the state’s ability to carry out basic tasks such as providing security and reconciling freedom and equality. Once the state decides to do something, Its Capacity ensures it’s able to carry it out. For example one of the typical ‘duties’ of the state is to ensure law and order within its country. However if the state does not have a high enough capacity, then there will be no Law and order. Capacity shows that they have the resources, organisation, man power and leadership to maintain law and order. Without Capacity the state is almost powerless, they become nothing more than a figure head. They lack the
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