Key Characteristics Of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ or EI, is refer to one’s ability to perceive, understand, use, and manage own emotions, as well as to recognize and influence the emotions of others. People with higher EI understand that emotions can drive our behavior, impact people both negatively and positively, and know how to manage these emotions. People with high EI are found to be better at handling themselves in stressful situation, communicating effectively, highly productive and efficient at workplace. Because of these reasons, EI has become a hot topic for discussion among many and view as essential skills in today’s workplace.
Five main characteristics of Emotional Intelligence
According to Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence, 2004), who is an American psychologist, there are five important characteristics that can be used to define people with high Emotional Intelligence.
First characteristic is called Self-Awareness. People with High EI are self-aware and often have a clear perception of their personality, emotions, strength and weakness, values, and beliefs. By evaluating themselves, they can manage own emotions, as well as to effectively identify and influence emotions of others
Second characteristic is called Self-Regulation. People with high EI tend to be better at regulating emotions, which can be considered as the most important part of EI. These people will not let emotions to control their actions. Instead, they have the ability to
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