Key Communiation Processes

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35). Communication is important, as it allows human to share vital information of each other and allows exchange of ideas. In business, good communication sends a message of your company’s product and your vision to consumers, the government, and potential and existing investors.

When you are communicating, there is a complex process involved. According to Bovée and Thill (2012, p. 39), the communication process starts with a sender having an idea and then encoding the idea in a form that can be transferred to a receiver. The sender’s idea is commonly expressed in words and images. The sender has to keep in mind the audience receiving the message, decide on a format and craft it persuasively. The format of the message should be tailored to appeal to different audiences. For example, a more formal approach would be suitable to communicate with employees. The message will be more persuasive to employees. Thus, tailoring your message to different audience is key to appealing to and being understood by audiences.

Another key communication process is producing the message in the proper medium. The medium is “the immediate form which a message takes”(CAPE, Communication Studies, 2011) such as an article in a newspaper, movies or an advertisement. The medium is important as it impacts the perception of the message (McLuhan, 1964, p. 9). For example, in TV…
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