Key Decision Points Used By SG Cowen In Making Hiring Decisions?

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1. What are the key decision points used by SG Cowen in making hiring decisions?

Several key decision points are used by SG Cowen in the recruitment process. Firstly, Rae’s new strategy was to extend the “on campus recruiting” process to the top 25 schools. SG Cowen professionals conduct “informational interviews” with students in the office in advance of official first-round interviews; allowing SG Cowen to gauge seriousness of the candidates and for the candidates to learn more about the firm and the industry. In addition, SG Cowen recognised the existence of competing corporations such as Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase. For this reason, they had to strive to acquire the best students before their competitors got them.

Another key decision
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According to the human capital theory, these are non-transferrable assets, skills that even star performers cannot take with them when they switch companies. However as the candidates rise up in the hierarchy, taking on more senior roles, certain skills/experience/competencies they acquire on the job would be transferrable to another firm. On the other extreme end of the human capital theory, general management human capital are often transferrable, general management skills such as setting a vision, motivating employees, organizing, budgeting and monitoring performance have been shown to translate well to new environments.
4. How well does SG Cowen’s recruitment and hiring process contribute to the company’s key success factor?

Ultimately, SG Cowen key success factor lies on its employees. SG Cowen had in place a rigorous hiring process as seen in the ‘on campus recruitment’ in order to attract and hire people that is of the right fit for the organisation. During the hiring process, SG Cowen ensured that the candidate pursue an interest in the company while having the essential skills required to perform the job. This avoids hiring a candidate who is often missing or do not exhibit the drive to work in the company, resulting to a waste of resources and time for the recruitment team.

What changes, if any, do you recommend? Consider SG Cowen’s priorities and create a talent acquisition action

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