Key Delegating Issues Paper

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1. Key delegating issue 1: I would delegate the issue of creating the blueprint to my civil engineer/ project manager. I would delegate this to them because the project manager is the person who is over the entire project so their input on what it should look like counts. The objective for the project manager is to oversee the entire project and make sure that everything goes smoothly. The project manager will need to use a planning sheet to plan the task, and call me for help when he/she needs it. I will establish a checkpoint at the end of every month for certain things to be done by then, and I will do a check either every two weeks or as needed.
2. Key delegating issue 2: I would delegate the decoration and design on the inside to my interior
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Molly, a vice president, wants to see you to discuss a new product to be introduced in 1 month. YYN/ 1 week/ M
4. Tom, the sales manager, sent you a memo stating that the sales forecast was incorrect. Sales are expected to increase by 20% starting next month. There is no inventory to meet the unexpected sales forecast. YYY/ 3 days/ H
5. Dan, the personnel director, sent you a memo informing you that one of your employees has resigned. Your turnover rate is one of the highest in the company. YYN/ 1-2 weeks/ M 6. Michele told you that a Bob Furry called while you were out. He asked you to return his call, but wouldn’t state why he was calling. You don’t know who he is or what he wants. YNN/ 3-5 days/ L 7. Phil, one of your best workers, wants an appointment to tell you about a situation that happened in the shop. YYN/ 2-3 days/ M 8. Tom called and asked you to meet with him and a prospective customer for your product. The customer wants to meet you. YYN/ 5 days/ M
9. John, your boss, called and said that he wants to see you about the decrease in the quality of your product. YYY/ 1 day/ H
10. In the mail you got a note from Randolf, the president of your company, and an article from Sports Business Journal. The note says “FYI” (for your information) YNN/1 week/
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