Key Dimensions Of Implementing Erp System Essay

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Abstract In today’s world companies expanding market. This globalization is important factor in bringing suppliers, partners and customers together for supplying product globally. In this case study we will see how to implement an ERP system. This ERP implementation may be successful or unsuccessful but most of the times the reason behind failure will be due to bad management involved during implementation of ERP package. The management involved in implementation part should have proper management skills. In this case study we will examine key dimensions of implementing ERP system in an organization successfully. In this case study we will see about Rolls-Royce Company implementing an ERP package named SAP R/3 successfully. This case study paper deals with the issues involved in implementation of ERP and concentrates mainly on technical, cultural and business issues involved in implementation and also helps in evaluating project benefits. Introduction In olden days’ companies mostly depend on objectives like price and quality. But today’s market seeks both along with other competitive objectives like flexibility etc. Companies need to be more active to keep their companies globally stable. In today’s world exchanging data electronically has made easy in gaining integrated supply chain along with flexibility and response. Some companies have spread operations by outsourcing. Information systems like Manufacture Resource planning and ERP provide support in attaining
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