Key Elements Of Collection Development Policy

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1.0 Introduction Collection development policy is a blueprint for developing collections. The policy is a written document and the policy is a guideline for libraries in acquisition and maintenance collections. According to Johnson (2009 cited in Gregory 2014, p.33), the libraries need a master plan to develop their collections. The absence of planning document leads into misleading for selection, deselection and decision making. As a result, the libraries may lose many opportunities in developing collections. In fact, a masterplan of collection development is required by libraries to achieve libraries’ goals in the collection development. Imposing policy is a crucial process. The policy should cover key aspects of collection development by referring standard. Correspondingly, the University of Orinoco Library intend imposing collection development policy through benchmarking. The collection development policies from University of Queensland Library and University of Melbourne Library are compared to ensure a new policy covering all key aspects. The purpose of this report is to identify key elements of collection development policy in those libraries and to suggest recommendations. 2.0 Discussions 2.1 Identifying key elements and missing elements in the collection development policy. Collection development policy should contain core elements. These elements should cover the general criteria and explain the specific criteria in the policy. The standard elements of
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