Key Elements Of Dramatic Iron In An Inspector's An Inspector Calls

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Eric is an important figure in many ways. He helps to develop at least five key themes. In this essay, we will look at his contribution to each of these. We will also look at how he adds to key moments of dramatic tension. The most obvious theme emphasized by Eric is that of social justice. One example is the part where he promotes this idea just after the inspector begun questioning Mr Birling: “as you were saying Dad, a man has to look after himself.” Eric is ironically quoting his father here, trying to make him in front of the inspector. Birling being pressurized by the inspector, but Eric is criticizing his father’s opposition to ideas of social justice and caring about others. The fact that his father cuts him off (indicated by the dash)…show more content…
The scene where Eric shouts to Mr and Mrs Birling furiously can be a moderate evidence. “And I say the girls dead and we helped to kill her – and that’s what matters” indicates that he is tremendously stressed out, but feels irritated at the same time because his parents pretend as if nothing had happened as soon as they suspect about the existence of the inspector. At this part, strong, restrained atmosphere does not alleviate; instead, the tension increases greatly after Eric reproaches Mr. Berling in an acerbic tone. Additionally, Eric’s presence is somehow important for various reasons. For instance, the element, humor, which Eric contains, creates a small gap to break down the depressing mood of the play. Eric makes fun of Sheila and acts mischievously. Audience are able to know this by the quote, “She’s got a nasty temper, but she’s not bad really. Good old Sheila”. The quote gives a friendly impression compared to the heavy atmosphere of Mr. Berling creates as soon as he speaks. However, the fact that Sheila simply ignoring her brother’s playful behavior tells us she doesn’t care about his jokes really much nor her feeling gets hurt from

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