Key Elements Of Lecture Power Point Slices And Some Studies

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3. Key elements of EIBI Combine lecture power point slices and some studies, there are several key elements of EIBI have been noticed. Firstly, there is an empirical evidence that children who enter interventions at younger ages make greater gains than those children who interventions at older ages (Corsello, 2005). Howlin, Magiati and Charman (2009) also indicated that the intervention should begin as early as possible, ideally before the age of 3 years of children with autism. Secondly, most studies have showed that EIBI is delivered intensively, the intervention typically lasted at least 2 years and involved upwards to 40 hours of therapy each week (Reichow & Wolery, 2009; Love, Carr, Almason & Petursdottir, 2009). In 1987, Lovaas compared 40 or more hours a week and over at least 2 years of intensive 1:1 behaviour analytic treatment to a minimal treatment control group which was less than 10 hours of 1:1 instruction, and to a second group of children receiving non-behavioural services elsewhere. Among the intensive treatment children, 47% (9 of 19) were successfully completed first grade and scored in the average to above average range on standardized IQ tests (gain up to 30 points) and other measures (Weiss, 1999; Howlin, Magiati & Charman, 2009). In addition, the general aim of the intervention is to enhance or develop cognitive, communication, language acquisition, play, social and self-help skills while reducing autistic symptomatology and other challenging behaviors

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