Key Elements of Successful Leadership Essay

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Key Elements of Successful Leadership

John Quincy Adams provided one of my favorite quotes on leadership; “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” In its most basic form leadership refers to influence. Though leaders often help us to accomplish more, poor leadership can also be the source of extreme frustration.
The importance of good leadership is apparent on a college campus. Many organizations run smoothly and efficiently while others are mired in chaos and confusion; the difference is leadership. The college setting provides many opportunities for the development of leadership expertise. I believe three common factors exist in all successful leadership; a focus
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Instead of focusing on title, authority, or other types of position power, Jesus used compassion to drive home his message. According to James Hind,
“The corporate culture of Christ was built around concern for and care for others, not Himself. He immersed His self-regard and promoted humility of the heart.
This gave Him an overwhelming and compelling appeal. This theme, putting your own self- importance aside and serving others, is the vital center of Jesus; teachings.” Though traditionally money, power, prestige, and recognition define success, Christ viewed service to others as the greatest accomplishment. By showing a genuine concern for people, Jesus was able to reach people and commit them to furthering His mission.
The affairs of the heart are the key issues in people’s lives because out of the heart flows the thoughts and actions. Leadership Principle: Followers must know how much you care before they will care how much you know. This past week I was working with a man who was experiencing a bit of depression. It would not have helped for me to explain to him why he should not be depressed, instead he needed somebody to care that he was hurting and I was able to pray with him. Leadership Principle: Leaders recognize the value of people and do not treat them as problems to be solved.

While it is important to demonstrate a caring attitude, leaders must confront problems that
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