Key Events In History

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History consists of various perspectives from which we as humans create our own interpretation. Biases and limitations are almost certain to be involved in an opinion. Standpoint proves to be critical in understanding how historical development influences an individual in their judgement by the standards of time. As time continues to pass, our standpoint can be easily altered or completely replaced. Key events in our past and present history can be perceived under a different lense, and in doing so changes the remembrance of that given event. In trying to answer an important question regarding whether key events in history should be judged by the standards of their time, you first need to understand subtopics including the comparison between…show more content…
Ethics plays a key role in the influence on any decision and/or judgement. An ethical standpoint can include that of any nature regardless of the situation. Standpoint theory and the incorporation of ethics generates imbalance throughout time. As stated previously, time changed everything and this includes the ethical mindset of one’s true self. Ethics are unique yet and resemble guidelines as part of your decision making process. The field of ethics can form two different ways of analyzing, whether it be ethical relativism or ethical absolutism. Ethical relativism argues that factors such as age, community, and the frame of time all affect the argument. Unlike Ethical relativism, ethical absolutism stated that ethics are unchanging over time and remain to be locked within our deep sense of perception. The problem with this idea of ethical absolutism is the general conception of a predetermined outline in terms of rules and guidelines that one must follow in order to create a“personal” judgement between right and wrong. Now in attempts to try and understand historical developments in the past, the influence of society deduces that one must use generalized guidelines that can alter in due time regardless of attempting to maintain absolutism. For example, the history of slavery is deemed under a negative connotation but during the times of the Roman empire, it was…show more content…
The task of judgement is not a “simple” decision rather one that is easily influenced, can incorporate numerous biases, and lastly be altered by time. History is another concept of the so called “Human book” as it details our exact past whether it be biased or not. It shows how time has affected our perspective on day to day activity. Being able to judge something and understanding the reasoning behind that judgement is important as it shows the standpoints and standards at the given time of the historical development. Factors such as the comparison between past and present history, the ethical standpoints, and lastly the effect of time on human nature all go hand in hand in generating the decision of judgement. In attempt to answer the question which states “Should key events in the historical development of areas of knowledge always be judged by the standards of their time?” the factors stated above help create a sense of understanding for first hand sources and the standpoint of the time period is superior to that of the future. The ethical standpoint of the time period changes overtime, and key events should always be analyzed through their respective historical lenses and perspectives but also can be viewed under a much modern perspective to create a balance of different ideas to which we can argue and develop judgement. The theory of time frame standards and
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