Key Events in the Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The Civil Rights Movement started with The Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Boycott officially started on December 1, 1955. Rosa Parks was an Educated women and she attended the laboratory school at Alabama State College. Even with that kind of education she decided to become a seamstress because of the fact that she could not find a job to suit her skills.

Rosa Parks was arrested December 1955. Rosa Parks Entered a bus with three other blacks and sat on the fifth row. The fifth row was the first row the black could occupy. After a few stops later the rows in front of them where filled with whites. According to the law at the time blacks and whites could not occupy the same row. There had been one white man left with out a seat. The bus
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The MIA was hopeful that the meeting would go well and the boycott would end. The city officials refused and also made announcement that any cab driver charging less then 45cent would be prosecuted. Which before the cabs where charging 10cent the same amount of charge the buses charged. Which gave thousand of black no way to get to work? The MIA made a private taxi service which had blacks with cars pick up blacks without.
King?s home was bombed. Also Nixon?s home was also bombed. After that they turned to the law. The whites arrested blacks for any minor traffic violation possible. No matter the problems they faced they did not break down. They took it all the way to the federal courts. November 13, 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the federal court's ruling, declaring segregation on buses unconstitutional. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was officially over. Although the boycott was over the whites did not take this lightly. There was a series of bombings, threats and attempts to scare blacks off busses.
The first Sit-Ins happen when four black men entered F.W. Woolworth Company store in Greensboro, North Carolina, purchased some school supplies, then went to the lunch counter and asked to be served. One of the students said "We believe, since we buy books and papers in the other part of the store, we should get served in this part." They sat there until the store
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