Key Executive Choice Points For Retroactive Claim Processing

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As the Chief of the Process & Program Management (PPM) for Individuals in Accounts Management (AM), I successfully provide consistent critical guidance, direction, and support to the AM Field directorates as well as the W&I headquarters executive staff. I also provided outstanding leadership to ensure several of the PATH Act components were enacted and implented. I developed the key executive choice points for retroactive claim processing that were elevated and approved by the commissioner for the retroactive claim processing. I also created instructions, manager talking papers, and technical guidance for the ITIN deactivation. I have worked collaboratively with my peer stakeholders such as the Office of Taxpayer Correspondence (OTC),…show more content…
Due in part to these efforts, AM was able to maintain a 100% closure to receipt ratio for the IMF programs for the year and a 119% ratio in the July-Sept period when we were out in the field. This has been accomplished despite hiring challenges, maintaining a high Level of Service for our telephones through the filing season, and the staffing deficits on the PPM team. Customer Service and Collaboration I continuously keep communication open within all operations in W&I and often take the lead by scheduling meetings or conference calls with areas such as Communications, Compliance, and Submission Processing (SP) when procedural gaps are identified or a collaborated effort is needed. I ensured all of the IMF IRM content was updated and posted timely for the new filing season and I specifically oversaw the input of the ACA material to ensure it was accurate and available for the training and processing. I also lead my staff in several discussions and provided in-depth actions and suggestions to OPCI on how AM could providing “customer service” to the HCTC enrollment site. We worked with our AM HQ partners to create a new phone line for HCTC and provided the instructions to put in our IRM. I am the headquarters co-lead for the IRM Improvement team where we addressed multiple employee concerns and issues with the IRM formats and content. We have received nothing but positive feedback with the activities we have completed thus far from CSRs and the
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