Key Factors Of A Team

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Power point slides are about effective team which is key to success in any corporation. As we go more into presentation we will find what is definition of team, types of teams, key factors of team building, barriers of effective team working.
Team is “Coming together is beginning, keeping together is a progress, and working together is success” according to henry ford. Team is nothing but group of people with compatible skills required to complete project or task.
Team may or may not work in same physical location. Team members depend on each other to make any decisions and achieve same goal.
There are three types of teams mainly team who performs the action and team that run things and the team who performs.
While building effective team there are some important areas like ability of team to communicate up, down, and sideways or purpose of team is formed for example problem-solving or decision-making? Then commitment of each team member.
There are several requirements for team building like defined purpose, goal of project, Planning step by step process, each team member has key role towards success of project, proper communication from top level to bottom level of team, flexibility to acquire required change and resistance to unwanted change. There are important key factors which need to considered like coherent responsibilities and roles, effective communication, quick response, productive leadership and strategy. The effective team always focuses on end path, then in
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