Key Factors That Impact Change

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Key Factors That Impact Change
The need to undergo organizational change is something that can completely intimidate any organization. According to Maurer (2005) "Sound change management theory and practice seem to cross cultural boundaries. Although the practice of change management initially developed in the United States and Western Europe, it seems to have broad applicability around the globe today." (p. 19). There are a lot of key factors that must be in place to help guide the organization through a change process and ensure that there is proper change management. This paper will discuss each unit 's specific strengths and opportunities for improvement as change was implemented at Texas Children 's Hospital, identify three factors
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The team was able to engage in events to help them be better prepared for the official change before it launched. Process change can sometimes be accompanied by a certain level of difficulty; Unit 1 was able to combat that with support resources available for the end users. The end users were provided with resources to help them through any issues during and after the implementation process.
One of the most important strengths of Unit 1 is communication. Effective communication in this unit allowed for the give and take of information and feedback among the members of the unit. The open lines of communication allowed the end users to know if, and how, they would be affected by the change. The end users were also able to give feedback during the process, which allowed the leaders to assess progress. Although there were many strengths in Unit 1, there was some opportunity for improvement as well. Although the scores for Unit 1 were significantly higher than those of Unit 2, there they still represented gaps that Unit 1 could utilize as opportunities for growth. Based on the graphs provided, Unit 1 could improve employee participation and provide more information and training to increase confidence.
Business Unit 2 had some strengths as well, such as the adequate resources to properly implement the change initiative. The leadership for this team was also very involved in the beginning, unfortunately that changed
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