Key Factors That Improve A Links Quality Links The Easy Way ( White Hat Seo )

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Ultimate Guide: How to build links Quality links the easy way(White Hat SEO) It 's well known that links aren 't the only factor that are used by Search Engines to rank a site, but they constitute a large portion of Search Engine ranking factors. Search Engines see links as votes, and to get votes online, you 'll have to work for them. I 'm going to share with you a few ways to get votes (links) to your site or blog. But I must warn you, I know I mentioned “easy” in my tittle, the truth is the easiest way to gain backlinks to your site is for you to be proactive. You shouldn’t just sit there and expect links to come, because that’s just the hardest way to go. Link building fundamentals Although links constitute a large percentage of…show more content…
How to find a relevant blog: You can use the Google Search Console and Advanced Search Operators. Assuming you 're running a travel site and are looking for relevant blogs to comment on. You could enter any of the following search operators into Google: • Traveling to Finland "comment" • Traveling for free "Leave a reply" • Best places to travel "leave a comment" For example: [Screen shot] The search operators above tell Google that you only want search results that have the option to comment on the page. Now that you are done with the easy work of finding high quality blogs to comment on, it’s time for main task which is getting your comment approved. And to do this, you have to write a non-spammy comment that is tailor made for that blog and provides value to the reader. Your comment should include a link to your site—preferably— not in the name or website field. The fact is including a link in the name or website section may result in your comment getting deleted. This is because most high-quality blogs have a high moderation policy. So, the best way to comment is to pick a relevant point from the blog content and then expand on it in an authentic and genuine way. Take a look at these examples: [picture] Guest post: Contrary to popular beliefs, guest posting is not dead. It 's alive and well, and is still a great way to build reputation in your industry and build links. The most important thing to remember about guest
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