Key Facts And Issues Of Glenn Rozycki

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Key Facts and Issues Glenn Rozycki is a 25 year old resident of Scarborough, Ontario who left school at York University after one year because he felt that he would be happier running his own car detailing business. Glenn wants to start up a new company, Custom Car Care, cleaning and detailing cars. Glenn began this venture as a part time job but he wants to turn it into his full time job. To ensure that his business will be successful, especially in comparison to other similar businesses in his area, Glenn must make sure his business idea is realistic, sustainable, and profitable. To ensure that Glenn can build a respectable reputation as a car detailing business, Glenn must be able to grab a segment of the market in his area where a few competitors already exist. Glenn can penetrate the market by employing different marketing and promotional strategies to ensure that he’ll see success and profits with his limited resources. Glenn’s main objective for his business strategy is to provide cleaning and maintenance to both the interior and exterior of vehicles to preserve their condition by using quality name brand products and precise, hand-done work. Glenn has already identified the different segments of car owners: owners of older cars that are in poor condition, but served the purpose of transportation; owners of newer, mid-priced cars; and owners of expensive cars costing more than $35,000. Glenn faced some competition in his area. There are

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