Key Features Of Adaptive Institutions

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2.2.3 Key Features of Adaptive Institutions As explained above, institutional barriers can also serve as enablers of adaptation but to understand what key features constitute adaptive institutions, the theoretical framework by Gupta et al (2008) will be looked at since the capacity of institutions to adapt to climate change is very crucial to this study. In Gupta et al (2008) discussion of theoretical framework, they identified three integral qualities (variety, learning capacity and ability to adapt) of adaptive capacity and three main contextual variables (leadership, resources and fair governance) as qualities of institutions that can adapt to climate change. Although the main focus is on the three main contextual variables and will…show more content… Resources Resource forms a major part of implementing climate change adaptation strategies. From the construction of sea defense walls to the amendment of city regulation plans to incorporate adaptation strategies, resource must be made available in order to ensure successful completion of projects. ‘Institutional rules and norms should call for the generation of resources in order that social actors implementing these rules are able to do so’ (Gupta et al, 2008). The absence of resources such as finances, technical knowledge and expertise, human capital and authority may pose of problem for institutions to adapt to climate change as well as aid communities to also adapt (Termeer, Biesbroek, & van den Brink Ma 2009). Fair Governance The sub criteria developed to evaluate the fairness of institutions include; legitimate policy processes, participatory public policy processes, protection of basic rights and equity, accountability and responsiveness and transparency. Fair governance determines the room given to social actors to participate creatively in the problem solving process (Gupta et al, 2008). Termeer, Biesbroek, & van den Brink Ma, (2009) also stated that adaptive institutions emerge from and promote systems of fair governance that ensure justice,
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