Key Features Of Using Java

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Create a 3-5 page report covering the role of Java in industry today compared to C# and Objective-C. Your report should cover:
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Java as compared to the other two?
Your report should include a use case describing the career path of a Java developer in the IT industry. What can one expect to be doing as an entry level Java developer? What can one expect to be doing as a senior level Java developer? What are the expectations in the journey between those two positions?
Java is an object oriented programming language and is considered as global standard for developing various types of networked applications. This helps to keep the system flexible, modular and extensible. The key features of using Java as a programming language are that it incorporates the concept of abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. Java also provides API for database connection, networking and many more. It also supports powerful developing tools such as eclipse and NetBeans that helps in code completion and also has powerful debugging capability, necessary for testing and development. The USP of Java is “write once and run anywhere”, therefore software development is much easier in Java as it supports large number of open source libraries that ensures Java can be used everywhere and is cost effective.
Java plays a vital role in the present software industry, it is seen as a technology instead of language that provides great flexibility…
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