Key Features Of Using Java

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Create a 3-5 page report covering the role of Java in industry today compared to C# and Objective-C. Your report should cover:
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Java as compared to the other two?
Your report should include a use case describing the career path of a Java developer in the IT industry. What can one expect to be doing as an entry level Java developer? What can one expect to be doing as a senior level Java developer? What are the expectations in the journey between those two positions?
Java is an object oriented programming language and is considered as global standard for developing various types of networked applications. This helps to keep the system flexible, modular and extensible. The key features of using
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Java is a platform independent language that makes it very distinct from other languages. The platform independent quality of java makes it very beneficial for the enterprise. One of the main features of java development is that it uses stack allocation system for data storage. Java is a highly secure language and is user and developer friendly. Apart from this, an enterprise can also reuse the code for developing any other applications on Java platform and these applications are dynamic in nature.
C# and Java offer common syntax and were developed to reduce the coding bugs that are present in C and C++. C# uses Visual studio as the programming platform and Java uses eclipse IDE and several others. C# is used in personal digital assistant and mobile devices utilizing the .net compact framework. This framework supports different programming languages making it compatible across various platforms. C# and Java are considered almost similar by the industry professionals and can be used for database programming, web applications programming, desktop application programming etc. Objective - C is an object oriented programming language that is used for mobile based application i.e. iPhone and iPad, it may be safe to say that it is Apple product only. C# could be classified as windows platform only. However, Java is a programming language that is offered across all platforms, thus making it a product for anyone and everyone that wants to develop something for
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