Key Features of AL and CLT Approach

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1. Compare and contrast the key features of AL and CLT approach

Audio-lingual approach Communicative teaching language approach
Approach Nature of language -structural view
-Language: a system of structural phonological, grammatical and lexical patterns to express the functional meanings -functional view
-Language: a medium for social interaction and communication Nature of language learning Behaviorism – Habit formation via over-learning Learners’ engagement in authentic and meaningful task to promote language learning. (the learning process is influenced by linguistic, social, cognitive and individual factors)
Design Objectives -Focus on positive habit of language response
-Start to focus on fluency (meaning) -Start to focus on oral competence - Focus on learners’ communicative competences development ( including linguistic competence , actional competence, discourse competence, socio-cultural competence and strategic competence)
- Focus on both accuracy(form) and fluency (meaning) (Fluency is more important than accuracy)

Syllabus-content and its organization -Linguistic functions = teaching units;
-Sequence = ascending difficulty/complexity;
-Teaching materials = dialogues

- The teaching content is organized functionally. -content: relevant to learner’s need/ level and learning styles/strategies.

-The teaching content would normally be organized:
- functionally;
- notionally (theme-based);
- in a task-based manner;
- Or with
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