Key Financial Drivers For Mergers Essay

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Key Financial Drivers for Mergers With each passing day the health care industry is experiencing an increase in participants due to its perfect competition nature. Due to this increase the industry participants, the industry has vicious competition which in effect leads to an increased in the cost of doing business. Smaller companies within the industry are hard hit by this competition due to their limited resources and therefore find it hard to remain relevant within the industry. Due to the looming threat of closure and liquidation, small companies must explore various strategies they may use to remain in operation. On the other hand large hospitals that are looking to eliminate competition and at the same time improve on their market share and in effect their revenues, merge with those that are struggling with low profitability. These mergers are beneficial to the smaller struggling companies since they provide increased savings on company overheads and availability of specialized machinery. Growth is also expected due to the increased market share as well as the good will already established by the large company. Contrary to popular opinion, mergers are not always between a large and a small company. In the healthcare industry two small companies may come together in order to pool their resources together and be in a position to compete against the large companies. One major objective of mergers is to be able to reduce or fully eliminate the weaknesses that may exit in
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