Key Functional Areas of Nursing Informatics

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Nursing informatics Key functional areas of nursing informatics There are 9 key functional areas of nursing informatics. These areas describe integrated functions of nurses, and cross from clinical practice to the informatics end. ADDIN EN.CITE Zerwekh2006267Zerwekh (2006)2672676Zerwekh, J. & Claborn, J.C. Nursing today: transition and trends5th2006St. Louis, MOSaunders Elsevier HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_8" o "Zerwekh, 2006 #267" Zerwekh (2006) also states that nurses may also focus primarily on one or more functional areas of nursing informatics based on their position within the organization. The first functional area is administration, management and leadership. This means that nurses are required to be visionary and to establish he direction which the informatics solutions will head. This is because nursing informatics represents complex projects that require strategic plans, supervision for effective resource management and evaluation of systems. The second functional area is analysis. This means that data from several sources will need to be aggregated into one then analyzed in different ways in order to synthesize knowledge. Therefore nursing informatics will inform decisions and create outcomes for management activities. Analysis also involves understanding the workflow processes and identifying capabilities and limitations which are then addressed to reduce inefficiencies ADDIN EN.CITE Shortliffe20061286(Shortliffe & Sondik, 2006)1286128617Shortliffe, Edward H.Sondik,
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