Key Functions Of Human Resource Management Essay

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INTRODUCTION Human Resource Management is an essential function of any organization which is designed to meet a firm 's objectives and strategies towards achieving it 's goals. Human Resource Management is concerned with people management and lays down a framework of policies and guidelines within which the management of people is administered.
To understand this business function more closely, we have been assigned with a group task to research and understand the functions and application of human resource management by choosing a New Zealand organization. By completing this task we should be able to report the main functions of human resource management which in turn would enhance our understanding on HRM. I chose SPARK NEW ZEALAND to carry out my research and understanding about it 's Human resource functions and practices. Spark New Zealand , formerly known as Telecom is a New Zealand communications service provider which provides fixed line telephone services, mobile network , internet services and information and communications technology for businesses. Telecom New Zealand was originally formed in 1987 and was separated into three business divisions in 2008- Telecom Retail; Telecom Wholesale and Chorus, the network division. In 2011, Telecom and Chorus demerged and became separate listed companies with separate operational divisions and on 8th Aug 2014, Telecom changed its name to Spark New Zealand.

DISCUSSION Since HRM has so many
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