Key Fundamentals Of Basic Customer Service Essay

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Each year companies lose an estimated $41 billion due to their poor customer service. (insightsquared) Customer service is the most important services in any business so much so that many successful businesses consider this as one of the keys that would spell the success or failure of the company. Today’s gloomy economic news is a concern for workers everywhere. Customer service is key to any businesses you are employed at. Skills in dealing with customers are more important than realized. Training is critical in running a successful business. Make the decision today to treat your customers well it is the cheapest marketing tool. Train your staff to be excellent representatives of the company. Great customer service is a skill that can be learned. People expect good customer service everywhere and it’s your job to give it to them. You will learn 6 key fundamentals of basic customer service.

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Listening means the ability to actively understand information provided by the speaker and display interest in the topic discussed. It’s essential that companies or businesses today to listen to their customers. There are two kinds of passive and active listening. Passive is simply receiving the message without giving any external indications. Active is that an active listener engages with the speaker. Avoid distractions by tuning out any and all forms of distractions that would cause you to shift your focus from assisting the customer.
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