Key Informants From Census Tract 1220.01 Essay

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Two key informants were within census tract 1220.01; one key informant was out of the census tract. Among these three people were: a household member of the community, an educator, and a librarian which was out of the census tract. The questions and answers were as follows: How long have you lived here? T.T.: "24 years" D.E.: "6 years" E.G.: "22 years" Has the area changed? T.T.: "Yes, the area is more safe, and the community is more involved. Library gets involve with the community, pitches ideas to the city. People use the library as a resource, use it as a guide.” D.E.: "6 years ago, largely Hispanic, now more diverse." E.G.: "Not really, most of the people have lived here for a long time. Area and streets are the same. Environment is the same. No new schools." Who are the community leaders? T.T.: “District manager of the area, Trey Yelverton.” D.E.: “School principal and councilman.” E.G.: "I do not know." Where is the nearest doctor? Pharmacy? Hospital? T.T.: Doctor: “General Clinic on Pioneer”; Pharmacy: “CVS on New York and Pioneer”; Hospital: “Arlington Memorial Hospital on Cooper and Randol Mill.” D.E.: “Doctor: "1 mile away on Park Row” (Arlington Minor Emergency Clinic); Pharmacy: "CVS, 1 mile away"; Hospital: "7 miles away, Medical Center of Arlington and Arlington Memorial.” E.G.: Doctor: "On Pioneer, 3 miles from our house"; Pharmacy: "1 mile away" (CVS); Hospital: “Medical Center of Arlington.” How long does it take for emergency services

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